6 Commitments for Transformative Education


I understand the success of learning is dependent on my personal ownership for making meaningful positive learning experiences for myself and others.


I, therefore, make the following commitments:

1st Commitment:

I will participate in activities that help others learn more about me, which helps me learn more about others, and that stimulates my thinking about the topics we will be exploring.

2nd Commitment:

I take responsibility for making sure the classroom activities meet my needs by promising to help co-design activities, evaluate the experience prior to, during, and after events.

3rd Commitment:

I understand that being in a classroom community will require an inclusive and welcoming setting. I, therefore, commit to seek to understand and respond to individuals in a way that values all ideas, beliefs, and ways of knowing.

4th Commitment:

I also understand that learning is necessary hard work which takes time, may be emotional and have frustrating ups and downs. I, therefore, commit to serve as a role model by demonstrating a willingness to learn, to take risks, to trust, to be vulnerable, to honor, and to change.

5th Commitment:

I know that seeking understanding requires thoughtful questioning, openness to many viewpoints, and may change over time. I, therefore, commit to a search for deeper understandings in a way that evokes deeper questions, not final answers.

6th Commitment:

Finally, I understand that one of the most important outcomes of our time together is our response to the topics discussed, but that this is only a first step forward. I, therefore, commit to continue to contribute my gifts and talents to the community and share my success stories and concerns and challenges with others as I pursue the goals of learning.


"Each of us must become impassioned, finding meaning and self-fulfillment in our own life's journey." Alexandra Stoddard

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